Experts Name Top Trends in Web Design and Digital Marketing for 2016


It seems as if there is a hot new trend in web design every year, and some industry experts are now projecting which digital marketing trends will reign supreme in 2016.

According to Tech.Co, web design experts predict that 2016 will be dominated by five new ideas that could revolutionize the way that users interact with websites.

The five trends that experts have been focusing on are: CSS3, “hamburger” menus, animations, cinemagraphs, and bold fonts.

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CSS3, a new and simple website language code, is already popular among tech-savvy professionals. “Hamburger” menus are navigation interfaces that expand and contract, making a website more aesthetically appealing.

The other three trends that are expected to change the world of web design in 2016 are antiquated ideas with some important distinctions.

Animations are gradually being integrated into the websites of more major companies who wish to attract a younger demographic. Cinemagraphs, also known as GIFs, serve a similar purpose to that of animations, while bold fonts are meant to excite and engage website users.

Several experts weighed in on Exchange Wire to voice their opinions on the future of web design and digital marketing in 2016. Many believe that investing in comprehensive internet marketing strategies is now essential for any business that wishes to succeed.

“We’re unsurprised that budgets for digital marketing demonstrate the strongest upward revision. Marketers are looking towards digital as it delivers more accountability and accurate campaign performance measurement than traditional channels,” said Ben Walmsley, regional VP of Northern Europe at Sizmek.

While have an attractive website is important, other experts strongly encourage businesses to balance web design and search engine optimization to get the most out of their digital marketing in 2016.

Niel Bornman, global chief product officer at iProspect, believes that mobile optimization is another key aspect of digital marketing that businesses need to consider.

“Marketers will need to get smarter about content, especially for mobile devices. They simply can’t put their TV ads on YouTube or Facebook and hope for the best,” said Bornman.

Web design is much like fashion, and the hot trends of today could be obsolete by 2017. However, digital marketing experts all seem to agree that consumers should expect bigger, bolder, and smarter websites this year.

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