Helping Inner City Kids Find Good Jobs


When 75,000 internships were canceled in New York City, one man stepped up to help. The founder and CEO of Project Destined, Cedric Bobo, believes that financial education is severely lacking in communities of color, as is the connection between corporate America and black and brown talent. To bridge this divide, he developed an online learning platform and got some top companies to fund it and offer paid internships. Project Destin is a real estate learning platform that teaches inner-city kids finances by helping them source actual investments. They can then win a stake in those deals through live scholarship competitions.

Since the launch of the learning program, there have been hundreds of paid internships added, with more on the rise since the upswing in BLM protests. What these internships do is get people of color into the companies that will eventually hire them. It’s their foot in the door. Students will be able to work in marketing, finance, business, and anything related to the real estate market. They will also be available for information technology headhunters, for example.

How has COVID-19 affected Project Destined?

Project Destined started out as an entirely virtual program that offers paid virtual internship programs in real estate. The entire program of eight weeks is done virtually so COVID-19 has not affected the program’s success.

What are the Requirements for Project Destined?

First of all, students must have a high school diploma and be enrolled in college courses, along with access to a computer and high-speed internet. Students will spend four and a half weeks attending virtual instruction, three and a half hours per week on individual instruction, along with attending mandatory Zoom meetings. The financial compensation is $500 and students have the opportunity to win cash prizes each week.

Why Choose Project Destined?

With inequality in the workforce on just about everyone’s mind, Project Destined is a tool that many people of color can use to learn about real estate and real estate investing from the pros. Real estate and real estate investing is a lucrative career that many people want to be successful at. With this learning platform, anyone of color can be successful in obtaining the type of career they want. Even if you wish to go into a different career, like information technology, this program will give you solid skills in finance and real estate, skills you can transfer to your chosen career.

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