As Warmer Weather Approaches, Beware of Home Improvement Frauds


Home-RenovationAs the weather continues to warm up, many homeowners are thinking about renovating and remodeling their homes.

However, reports of home improvement scams are showing up across the country as scammers target these homeowners.

Earlier this week, Ohio’s Attorney General Mike DeWine warned homeowners about these scams, urging people to use scrutiny when a door-to-door home improvement contractor comes to their homes, according to a May 11 article in the Toledo Blade.

In Kalamazoo, Michigan, police warned residents of traveling home improvement companies that move from community to community, charging homeowners extortionate rates for subpar work, according to a May 10 MLive Michigan article. The scams usually come as offers to paint homes or pave driveways, the Kalamazoo police department said. The scammers especially target senior citizens and vulnerable adults.

“Homeowners should verify the reputation, internet presence, certification, or licensing of their desired home improvement professional if necessary.” says Carl Griffenkranz, VP of Marketing at Trend Group. “These steps will help homeowners avoid costly scams that could lead to unfinished or botched improvements.”

To research the legitimacy of a home improvement contractor that comes to your door, you can check with the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against it. Your local police department is also a good source of information.

DeWine also said consumers have the right to a three-day period to cancel most door-to-door sales. Businesses are required to give customers written notice of this right, the Toledo Blade reported.

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