Hopewell, New Jersey Roads to Feature Better Pedestrian and Bike Access


pathsDriving through the township of Hopewell, N.J. might look significantly different in the near future, if a proposed ordinance to reconstruct the town’s roads is approved by the Township Committee.

According to a June 18 Hopewell Valley News article, the ordinance in question has proposed that “all public street projects, both new and reconstruction, shall be planned, designed and constructed as Complete Streets.”

Complete Streets are defined by the New Jersey Department of Transportation as roads that can accommodate “pedestrians, cyclists and mass transit as well as motorists,” according to a DOT written policy.

The new roads in Hopewell will adhere to DOT standards for Complete Streets, the Hopewell Valley News reports, and will “follow industry design standards such as the New Jersey Roadway Design Manual.”

Many people looking to save money on gas or wear and tear on their cars have turned to bicycles as a more affordable transportation option. While Hopewell’s planned Complete Streets will give bicyclists more road space, it is also important to ensure one parks his or her bike securely, as bikes can cost more than $500.

According to the Hopewell Valley News, the increased road space for pedestrians and bicyclists will also encourage healthy, active lifestyles in addition to reducing one’s gas consumption.

“Complete Streets’ ability to handle cyclists and pedestrians could also reduce traffic congestion and pollution from automobile and truck exhaust,” the Hopewell Valley News article states.

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