Job Growth Leads to Temporary Housing Boom in Houston


temphousingThe number of jobs in Houston, TX has boomed over the last year — in the last 12 months alone, there has been an increase of jobs by 100,000. According to Forbes, Texas has seen the biggest job growth in the country over the last 15 years — 2.1 million jobs. Where there’s a boom in jobs, there’s an equal increase in the need for housing.

According to Texas Public Radio, corporate housing in Houston is also on the rise, to meet the demand for accommodations for temporary workers and transplants, but to house some four million visiting business people.

Corporate housing is a model of temporary housing that’s somewhere between an apartment and a hotel. These apartments (or condos or houses) are intended for longer stays than hotel rooms and are furnished, so they are more like homes than hotel rooms.

These apartments are usually complete with separate kitchens, bathrooms, and dining, living, and sleeping spaces. Amenities often include phone service, internet access, cable television, housekeeping services, and access to fitness centers and pools.

Many of the jobs and travelers brought into Houston are brought by the energy or healthcare fields, which draw big talent and often compete for the best and the brightest candidates. This is another way corporate housing comes into play.

Luxury corporate housing is also growing in Houston and is often used by companies as a way to impress job candidates and help encourage them to stay in the city. Places like Waterwalk, a corporate housing company, help do just that.

“We deliver breakfast to each room, each apartment, we provide housekeeping, we have a car service that will take people wherever they need to go,” says Waterwalk President David Redfern. “It’s kind of a level of pampering you don’t get these days.”

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