Tempe Launches New Landscaping Referral Program to End War on Weeds


UPDATED 11/18/20

Landscaping services for residential application serve to trim weeds, mow the lawn, planting flowers, shrubs, and trees. These services help in the trimming of trees and hedges. The purpose of carrying out landscaping services is to create lighting, walkways, patios, and decks.

What factors do you consider when selecting a landscape design around the house?

Selecting a landscape design around house adds to the excellent look of the home. Not only does it make the compound look beautiful, but it also improves the organization of the area. When selecting a landscape design around your house, consider the space available, the amount of money you are willing to spend on it, and the plan’s desired look.

How can I landscape my backyard cheaply?

Here are some of the answers to your question of “how can I landscape my backyard cheaply. There are also various ways to answer your question on “how to get landscaping ideas for my front yard.” When planning on how to landscape, the first thing you consider is choosing the style you desire. It is also vital that you shop around to get an idea of the different types of landscaping. Worried about ‘how to get landscaping ideas near me?’, many online platforms have offered information on various places where you can get desirable landscaping services within your budget.

The city of Tempe, Arizona recently launched a new program, under the name Tempe Landscape Referral, that aims to help residents win the ongoing war on weeds in their gardens and yards.

“The City uses its, basically, bulk purchasing ability to get you the best rate possible,” said city council member Kolby Granville.

Using that buying power, Tempe has contracted three local landscaping companies to offer discounted rates for basic yard maintenance, such as weed removal. “You contract with them, they do the work. You pay on a monthly basis: $35 a month for the front yard and $70 a month during the summer months,” Councilor Granville explained.

Each company has already been pre-screened by the city and has agreed on a pre-negotiated rate. This is the extent of the city’s involvement after the program’s launch, unless an issue arises.

“They don’t have to go out and get a bunch of different bids from a bunch of different landscapers. It’s just the three. Call them, and it’s done. We come do the service; it’s all taken care of,” said Joe Shill of Somerset Landscape Maintenance.

The new program means up to a 25% discount for residents, a perk which the city feels is a win-win situation for the city, its residents, and the landscaping companies. “Tempe’s happy because we’ve got a higher quality of life, more livable community. You’re going to be happy because you’re getting the best rates possible,” said Granville.

The trio of landscaping companies involved in the new program agree it is a good deal and will provide them with more opportunities. “Well, we’re definitely hoping to pick up some more business and employ some more people,” said Jose Hernandez of Artistic Land Management.

“It’s a good idea in the respect that the price is fair,” said one area local, Steve.

However, others are worried the city may be playing both sides of the fence by launching this program. “You don’t get to be the good guy and the bad guy; sorry. They go, ‘oh, I’m going to fine you, but I’ll give you this option to pay my people.’ I don’t know,” said Carl Ikegami.

Granville strongly disagrees with sentiment. “Our goal is never to cite people. Our goal is just to make a livable community. We want a place where people drive the streets and say, ‘I’d live there’, and I think if we can create an environment where people can do that as cheaply, cost-effectively and safely as possible, I think that’s a great idea,” said Granville.

Preventing Weeds in Landscape Beds

Every spring, homes with great landscaping have a fresh start with their battle with weeds. When the snow melts, it triggers a renewed mindset for aspiring gardeners. The first step is to make a list of landscaping supplies that you need to combat weeds and then visit your local garden center.

Weeds are undesirable eyesores in undesirable locations. Not only do they not look nice, but they also compete for nutrients and water from your beautiful plants and shrubs. So how can we manage these pesky plants?

  1. Add landscape fabric as a more permanent solution to your weeds?
  2. Layer your landscaping with stones or bricks. This will keep grass from creeping into your planted space. It also looks really nice.
  3. Disperse mulch over the planted area at least 3 inches. This can keep sunlight away from the weeds.
  4. Herbicides like preen, if applied in early spring, can help prevent weeds from germinating later in the spring.
  5. Herbicides like Roundup can be used throughout the spring and summer months to manage your weeds on a weekly basis.

Applying some or all of these tips can help with creating a beautiful landscape that will compliment your house.

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