Liberace’s Grand Piano Feared Damage After Roof Collapse


When roofs cave in or collapse, whether it be from heavy snow, damaging wind, or years of exposure to the elements, you need experts in brick masonry and the residential and commercial construction industry. Professional roofers follow all of the up-to-date construction safety guidelines to deal with the delicate process of securing the structural integrity of a home or business as the repair and rebuilding process gets underway.

A damaged roof can compromise the entire structure if construction site safety requirements are not followed. Luckily, the best roofers know exactly how does construction work, so if you’re searching for a new construction business near me, you can trust the resources and knowledge of a building company. Roofers who are recognized for their dedication and professionalism on every project are a great resource when dealing with the significant damage and financial concerns associated with roof collapses. You can always bring a respected, reliable roofer in for preventative maintenance and roof management to check on the condition of your roof and address any issues before they turn into major headaches.

There are a number of different types of roof damage, ranging from leaks to wind damage. All of them can affect your home or business, putting your loved ones and possessions at risk. A Massachusetts music store recently learned just how true this can be after their roof collapsed following a snowstorm, likely damaging a rhinestone-covered grand piano that once belonged to Liberace.

Rockland, Mass. received over 29 inches of snow thanks to a number of storms that hit the Northeast in early February. On Tuesday, Feb. 10, this amount approved to be too much for the roof of the music store Piano Mill. Part of the roof collapsed early in the morning, crumbling onto a number of expensive pianos inside.

Both the store owner and the Rockland Fire Department believe Liberace’s grand piano is located in the collapse zone. The famed entertainer’s instrument was featured in the HBO movie Behind the Candelabra, starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon. Store owner Rob Norris reported that the piano has 88,888 rhinestones and is believed to be worth $500,000.

The pitched roof of the Piano Mill had lightweight construction, causing a 100-foot by 100-foot section to fall into the showroom under the weight of the snow. Neighbors said that the collapse occurred overnight, causing a loud rumble and setting off nearby motion detection lights. Rockland Fire Chief Scott Duffey stated that the damage to the property is significant.

Roofing experts say that this incident is an unfortunate moment that homeowners who may be putting off roof repairs can learn from.

“Snow on the top of a roof or building certainly adds a lot of extra weight before it melts,” said Mike Kossman, co-founder and director of sales for Gundaker Construction Restoration Group. “However, as long as the roofing system is up to code and there are no excess roofing materials (which can weigh it down), there should be no issues with a collapse. Those looking to remodel their roof should use proper contractors who are certified, licensed professionals.”

The record-breaking snowstorm reportedly caused several roof collapses throughout the state. Owing to structural damage, the Piano Mill has been unable to check the status of the Liberace piano. No one is being allowed inside until a structural engineer assesses the situation.

all aspects of construction

Following the Massachusetts music store roof collapse, people need to be on the lookout on whether their roofs can withhold a snowstorm. Whenever a roof collapses, are the roofers blamed, or the blame is on the type of materials used? Well, both play a role in how strong a roof is. Roofers understand all aspects of construction and, therefore, should ensure that the roof has been made to the right standards. Such standards put into consideration the possibility of the roof being destroyed by a snowstorm or wind.andnbsp;

The construction occupational safety and health requires all roofers to follow all the guidelines about construction. As a result, they would build roofs with minimal risk of being blown away by the wind of collapsing due to a snowstorm. Therefore, it is necessary for individuals to seek the services of a professional roofer to avoid putting their family at risk. Having a basic knowledge of construction work does not mean that an individual can fix a roof. It requires more than such knowledge to build a strong roof. Massachusetts incidence ought to be a lesson to every homeowner that might need to fix their roof. The work ought to be done by an expert to prevent such accidents from happening.

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