Making the Most of Quality SEO Content with the Help of Social Media


seoCreating great SEO content is the key to marketing your website, but it may prove helpful in more ways than you know.

Providing interesting, relevant content that will be of value to customers is becoming more and more important to good SEO. It’s no longer just about keyword usage, but also about having quality content to back up those keywords.

Founder and CEO of, Sunil Rajaraman, points out that marketers are willing to pay $1.95 more for “thought leadership” content than for basic SEO content. This is because there is too much content out there aimed at trying to boost rankings without the quality to back it up.

However, the quality content created to increase SEO can also be repurposed to bring in visitors to your website through other channels. Since you’re already producing quality content for SEO, why not share this content through other platforms as well, in order to connect with a greater audience?

“It all comes back to common sense, the times of generic content targeted to search engines only are gone. Quality, interesting and useful information is what matters to visitors now; and as a side-effect helps SEO too,” says Jorge Benito, Marketing Manager, Ibis Studio.

Since you already have valuable content that would be of interest to your customers, why not share it on your social media platforms, where your customers are active? Posting this interesting, share-able content to a targeted audience will result in increased traffic back to your website.

Additionally, it’s also an option to promote your content through email marketing. It’s not unusual for companies to send out monthly or quarterly emails with news updates and completed projects, but what will really catch the customer’s eye is some interesting content. Including a teaser with a link back to your website where they can read the entire article will not only drive new customers, but encourage repeat customers as well.

Compiling your content into downloadable whitepapers or e-books is also a great way to generate leads from your organization’s website. Take the content that has been written and published to your organization’s website over the last several months, and make it into an e-book. Not only will free whitepapers and e-books generate leads, but they will also position your organization as a thought leader in its respective industry.

You can also promote these whitepapers and e-books through social media and email marketing. Include enough information to whet the appetites of your audience, as well as a call-to-action to bring them to your website to download the whitepaper or ebook in its entirety.

While well-written, interesting content can be great for SEO purposes, it doesn’t need to stop there. That same content can be used to drive traffic to your organization’s website in other ways, such as through email and social media marketing. Let your current customers and potential customers take advantage of the information you have to offer.

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