New Waterproof Battery iPhone Case Meets Consumer Demand at Ironic Time


mophieBathtub installation costs can be pretty expensive, especially if unforeseen problems arise during the removal or installation process. However, the cost of losing your precious new iPhone to water damage from dropping it in your bathtub? Now that’s just priceless. And if there’s anyone who gets this, it’s Mophie.

The popular iPhone accessory maker is known for its line of convenient and durable battery cases and external backup batteries, both of which provide extra power at an affordable price. Though the company introduced brand new battery cases for the iPhone 6 earlier this year, this month Mophie debuted a different iPhone 6 battery case with an entirely new feature — water protection.

The Juice Pack H2Pro battery case is Mophie’s first waterproof product, and combines the convenience of extra batter power and with the ability to keep an iPhone 6 protected from water exposure — even for long periods of time. The H2Pro has a military rating of MIL-STD 81OG and an IP-68 rating, which means the case can keep a phone dry even after being submerged in 1.2m of water for as long as half an hour. Like most other phone cases, the H2Pro also protects against drops and keeps dust, dirt, and grime away from the iPhone.

While a bath-proof iPhone cover may seem like overkill, several surveys have revealed exactly how attached Americans are to their smartphones. The 2013 Mobile Consumer Habits Survey revealed that 12% of respondents use their smartphones in the shower, while at least one in 10 admit to even using their smartphones during sex. Also, according to an infographic published last year by the Reader’s Edge, 75% of Americans surveyed admit to bringing their smartphones into the bathroom with them, with 24% of those users agreeing with the statement “I don’t go to the bathroom without my mobile phone.”

Mophie’s latest addition to its array of accessories comes at an ironic time. Late last month, swarms of Twitter users across the world praised a Japanese woman who dumped all of boyfriend’s Apple products in bathtub filled with water after discovering his infidelity. The products damaged included an iPhone, iMac computer, an iPad, and more valued at thousands of dollars.

After receiving news of his destroyed property, the unfaithful boyfriend took to Twitter — where else? — for support, however, he didn’t receive the reaction he had hoped for. Not only was the original tweet retweeted 15,000 times, users praised the angry girlfriend for exacting revenge.

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