Pennsylvania Home Depot Evacuated After Forklift Truck Catches Fire


Updated 12/21/20

Did you know that forklifts are said to be the most significant tools in industrial innovation in history? It may not look like the most interesting piece of machinery, but it is one of the most cost-effective heavy-duty equipment that exists. To date, no equipment compares that can lift heavy objects that humans cannot without causing major accidents. A construction site forklift is the best kind of all in one heavy equipment to match the needs of your operation. They come with different capacities depending on their size, but it is common for construction sites to use a 3000 pound forklift.

Due to its size and durability, a forklift requires driver certification. Companies have started paying for cheap forklift certification courses for their drivers to be able to comply with the requirements. Maintenance and forklift repair should always be conducted by a professional, so it’s best to research the most reliable suppliers if your original supplier is unavailable. In case you are shopping around for new equipment, knowing interesting facts like that a lift truck is another name for forklift will show suppliers that you know your story and it may help you evade being charged unscrupulous amounts by the dodgy kind.

On Sunday, March 15, a forklift truck fire at the Home Depot location in Lower Pottsgrove Township, PA forced the store to evacuate its shoppers until the fire was extinguished.

According to WFMZ-TV, the store, located at 295 Armand Hammer Blvd., was shut down for about an hour as firefighters and store personnel responded.

Fire crews used a specialized firefighting foam that extinguished the flames without setting off an explosion in the forklift’s propane tank or its hydraulic oil, the Mercury News reported. Firefighters were able to remove the propane tank from the burning piece of equipment before it exploded.

“The only protection you have (against the fire) is to put it out and get it under control as fast as possible,” Lower Pottsgrove Fire Marshal Lewis Babel explained. “It’s very dangerous, but that’s their job.”

It’s no surprise that one in four accidents in the workplace stems will involve a forklift truck, according to Cintas Corporation data. Given their prevalence, it’s important to train all personnel on the steps to take following a forklift-related accident.

Babel told the Mercury News that a Home Depot employee discovered the fire while closing up the store’s outdoor Garden Center. The employee saw “yellow flames … shooting up higher than the forklift,” Babel said. The employee reported the fire at 4:49 p.m., and the store’s shoppers and 50 employees were evacuated shortly thereafter.

Babel said an issue with the forklift’s electrical wiring caused the fire. The flames damaged some store merchandise that had been stacked near the forklift.

None of the store’s employees or shoppers were harmed by the fire, as there were no people in the Garden Center at the time of the fire.

And once their work was done, the firefighters were treated to soft pretzels from a nearby food stand, the Mercury Newsreports — the best reward after putting out a tough forklift fire.

The customers who are looking for forklift repair services can use other search terms if they’re interested in increasing their options. ‘Lift truck’ is another name for forklift. The professionals who have had all lift truck training may need specialized help to get 3000 pound forklift devices repaired. The professionals who operate forklift devices on a regular basis should pay attention to how those machines start to change with time.andnbsp;

3000 pound forklift

Eventually, the forks themselves will start to wear out, and they’ll have to be changed. The 1st choice forklift that functioned perfectly years ago might still require some replacement components. In other cases, the issueandnbsp;might be an oil leak that needs to be addressed quickly. The chains of forklifts are also relatively vulnerable. Some forklift problems are also specifically caused by issues with the tires.andnbsp;

Professionals may not need the entire forklift fixed if there is a substantial problem with it. The forklift repair professionals will inspect the device, looking for the exact source of the issue. Getting one new component could be enough. However, it’s still possible that the device will need much more thorough repair work. It’s estimated that individual forklift devices are usable for about ten thousand hours. 

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