The Pension Company Adds Two Experts in Structured Settlement Annuities to Its Staff


The Pension Company LogoThis June, Dallas-based retirement and investment company The Pension Company (TPC) hired two experts in the structured settlement annuity industry as part of its staff.

PRWeb reports that James “Jim” J. Brady and Thomas D. Walsh have recently joined TPC after decades of experience in litigation proceedings. Both men are also active in expanding TPC’s operations in the West Coast. Brady, for example, recently opened offices in Irvine and Beverly Hills, California and Walsh opened an office in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, which is about 150 miles northwest of Denver.

Before joining TPC, Brady was a member of Ringler Associates, a structured settlement investment firm based in Orange County, California. During his time at Ringler Associates, Brady served as a regional director, the chairman of the “Leadership Team,” and as a member of the company’s board of directors. His expertise in structured settlement cases spans across several fields such as construction, railroads, product liability, medical malpractice, employment, and worker’s compensation. He belongs to the National Structured Settlements Trade Association and has a Certified Structured Settlement Consultant designation from the University of Notre Dame. He holds a JD from the American College of Law and a bachelor’s degree in economics and history from Cal State Fullerton.

Walsh co-founded one of the first structured settlement firms in the country, JMW Settlements, in 1978 in Washington DC. During his time at JMW Settlements, Walsh was a staunch proponent of the use of Reversionary Medical Trusts for Federal Tort Claims Act cases on behalf of the United States government. After leaving JMW Settlements, Walsh worked for Settlement Planning Associates and eventually became a senior vice president when the firm merged with Mesirow Financial in 2006. Walsh specializes in personal injury lawsuits and environmental liability cases, often serving as an expert witness in personal injury and environmental lawsuits. He has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Georgetown University and a MBA from Harvard Business School.

He plans on spending his time at TPC in both its Colorado and Washington DC offices.

TPC Chairman Frank Pension is ecstatic about the two latest employees.

“We are delighted that Jim and Tom have decided to join our team of professionals,” Pension said. “Their combined extensive experience, and decades of success, are assets that we believe will enhance the spectrum of services we offer our clients.”

Structured settlement annuities are one of the most popular methods of litigation payments in the U.S. today.

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