Preventing Home Burglaries Though Garages


UPDATED 7/31/2020

Homeowners in Virginia Beach, VA, and other popular vacation destinations often deal with break-ins and burglaries of their homes and garages. Thieves will take watches, cash, jewelry, electronics, and anything else they could sell for profit.

Once such a case occurred in February of 2015 in Virginia Beach. When Matt Daugherty returned home from work around 4 p.m., on Feburary 4th 2015, he saw that the burglar or burglars had pried open the side door of his garage and kicked in a door that led from the garage to the kitchen. He called the police, only to discover later on that other homes in the neighborhood had also been burglarized that day.

Laura Patrick, a neighbor, was among those. Her home was broken into after a thief or thieves kicked in the back door.The local news quoted Patrick as saying “The fact that they came in and took what little we had is really frustrating,”

Other neighbors told reporters that the items taken were all things could easily be carried by a person or persons. The culprit or culprits passed over larger items or valuables that would be more difficult to sell.

The break-ins occurred between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. that day, while most area residents were at work. At the time, the owner of a local garage door sales shop, told local homeowners:

“My recommendation to homeowners is to upgrade your garage door openers to one of the newer models with the MyQ and Posi-Lock technologies,” says Jim Null, Owner, Durbin Garage Doors LLC. “These features will not only help prevent unwanted access through your garage, but will also notify you when the garage door is used while you are away. It’s also important that you never leave your garage door clickers inside your vehicle, especially when parked outside the garage, and keep the doors locked at all times. Beyond that, I encourage homeowners to consider home security systems, which are also a valuable investment for protecting against theft while you’re away.”

Today, this advice is still as good ever. Thieves can enter garages in any number of ways: using a stolen remote, rolling under the door, breaking windows, lifting the door with a crowbar, and so on.

Show how do you keep your home and garage safe?

Well, like Null said back in 2015 start by making sure you keep your garage door openers close to you all times and make sure the door is always closed and locked after you’ve pulled out. Be sure that the opener fo your garage isn’t stored inside your car if it’s parked outside and keep the door between your home and garage locked. Another great tip to prevent a garage break in is to keep your garage doors secured and locked, even while your home and never leave an open garage unattended.

You shouldn’t leave the keys for any recreational vehicles kept in your garage anywhere near them and if possible secure those vehicles so they can’t be driven away if hot-wired.

Another step you can take is investing in home security. Back in 2015, there were not many options and home security was expensive. Today, it’s an inexpensive investment that can save you a lot of trouble. You don’t even need the best home security brands to have good security. Even a video-doorbell can help you keep your home and garage safer.

Home invasions are some of the worst crimes for families to deal with. Keep your home, garage, and family safe by locking your doors and making sure you have good home security.

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