The Right Way to Take Off a T-Shirt?


tshirtIf you’d only seen the latest instructional video from YouTube user CrazyRussianHacker years ago, then you would probably have so very much more time to watch his other videos! His newest help vlog features a faster way to take off your tee-shirt. Who would have thought that we’d been doing it inefficiently all these years?

“How do you take off this shirt? You know, you probably been doing it wrong. Like let’s say you do it like that,” CrazyRussianHacker says, pulling his shirt from the neck up over his head and off. “You see it’s so many steps to take off the shirt.”

Thankfully, “if you want to impress your lady, like come home and take the shirt off the super fast way” then the CrazyRussianHacker can show you.

All you have to do to take off your shirt “super fast” is to grab the armpit of your non-dominate arm with your dominate hand, making sure to put your fingers up the sleeve. Then, whip the t-shirt off over your head! Super fast!

While this method certainly works for persons of the same build and body type as CrazyRussianHacker, who are also wearing a t-shirt, there are certain issues with the method. For example, will it work for women or will their bras impede the speed with which they can take their t-shirts off? Does it work for larger sized people? Can you use it to take off long sleeved shirts? So many hard questions are left unanswered.

“Wash your shirts inside out in cold water, and don’t dry with intense heat,” explains Eric Uzelac, VP of “That’s the best way to keep the color in your shirt, as well as prolong the longevity of your ink.“

CrazyRussianHacker has hundreds of other videos for perusal, which include such hits as “You’ve Been Eating Watermelon Wrong” (600,000+ views), “Paintball VS Machete Slow Motion at 60,000fps” (240,000+ views), and “How to Make a Burning Laser Hack” (400,000+ views).

Though CrazyRussianHacker is earnest and genuine in his desire to help others, the Internet has responded rather cheekily. Geek culture site Kotaku writes, “With summer coming, and long days ahead sitting sweaty on a couch playing [game you like], don’t consider this a joke ‘lifehack’ video. It’s education.”

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