South Korea ferry disaster: What’s the likelihood of finding survivors?


Though, the ferry has been sunk yet the hopes of relatives have not been pinned down. Actually, the parents know that there are very least chances of survival yet they wait for a miracle. The maritime expert Kim Petersen said that “I do not know the cause of vessel sinking however I cannot tell how many chances of survival are there”. He further said that as per the media report, the vessel is sitting in the waters hence there are possible chances of survivors.

On the other hand, former Navy diver Bobbie Scholley said to a private news agency that “If they are in the compartment with some air bubbles, they should stay there and take shallow breathe for taking the oxygen”.

Besides, U.S. Navy Capt. Heidi Agle said that “there is heavy current inside the ship; hence, you are putting the life of divers at stake”. He further said that the ship is not stable in the rough waters, however, the divers have to be very cautious while carrying out the rescue operation.

Apart from this, CNN meteorologist Samantha Mohr said that “the water is frigid at 50 F and the survival time in this temperature is not more than 6 hours”. Despite this, the rescuers are still pumping air in the hull and trying their best to save lives of the missing students.

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