Several PA Urgent Care Locations Close After DEA Raid


urgentcaredeaUrgent care centers have carved their own niche in the American healthcare industry, becoming an integral part of the system by bridging the gap between hospital emergency rooms and primary care physicians. By consistently delivering affordable, convenient, and quality healthcare, it’s easy to see how the urgent care movement was able to quickly gain momentum.

For example, the majority of urgent care centers stay open until 7:00 pm or later on weeknights (90.6%), with two out of five remaining open until 9:00 pm or later. Unfortunately, for a several urgent care centers in Pennsylvania, they may not be able to remain open at all.

On Thursday, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) served search warrants to several Advanced Urgent Care locations in Pennsylvania. Efforts to reach DEA officials for comment on the matter were unsuccessful. Michele Mucellin, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Philadelphia, declined to comment.

Mark Gabura, who serves as the resident special agent in charge of the DEA’s Scranton office, told the Scranton Times Tribune that the agency is currently involved in an investigation regarding activities at several Advanced Urgent Care locations across the state. Gabura declined to comment as to the nature of the DEA probe or what kind of activities are being investigated at the urgent care locations.

After search warrants were served, the DEA raided at least seven Advanced Urgent Care facilities in the state on Thursday, including some Philadelphia locations. A sign at an Advanced Urgent Care Center in Willow Grove, PA claimed they were closed due to an electrical issue, however the local news agency was able to report the location was closed due to the DEA investigation into whether the centers were illegally selling prescription medication.

The main doctor at the City Avenue location in Wynnefield, PA was taken into custody by agents while several employees were questioned.

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