Dozens of Al-Qaeda Suspects Killed In Yemen Drone Strike


Drone strikes in Yemen have killed more than 40 militants of Al-Qaida on Sunday. It is said that these strikes were fired after the Jihadist network’s Arabian Peninsula announced that “they would fight against the western crusaders”.

United States of America is the only country which operates drone attacks in the Yemen territory. Despite criticism from rights groups, the President of the country Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi has supported the use of drone attacks in the Yemen territory.

On Sunday, a tribal chief said that US drones has fired plenty of missiles at the Al-Qaida camps near the Wadi Ghadina region. He confirmed to local media that more than 30 Al-Qaida militants had been killed near the Al-Mahfad town.

On the other hand, the defense ministry said in its official statement that “those militants who have been killed in drone strikes belong to different countries”. Tribal sources said that after these strikes, the extremists had cordoned off the area for evacuating the injured and dead comrades.

Besides, the Saba has reported that those militants who have been killed were plotting to launch suicide attacks at military and political dignitaries.  But the tribal sources denied this claim. They said that those who have been killed were low profile militants and they were not ready for any attack.

The President of the Yemen Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi said in his recent interview that “drone strikes have helped us to stop growing influence of Al-Qaida and these strikes are necessary for thwarting the terrorist activities from Arabian Peninsula”.

Last but not the least, United Nations and many other countries have urged the administration of United States not to fire drone missiles at such areas where civilians are more harmed than the militants.



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