Woman Trapped In Marriage Appeals to Social Media For Help


socialSocial media messages and incriminating Facebook statuses are playing an increasingly large role in divorce settlements and child custody battles. Now, one woman is using social media as a tool to garner support for a non-traditional divorce. “With the help of family and friends, Rivky Stein created a Facebook page and website in which she accuses her husband of years of emotional and physical abuse, including raping and beating her while she was pregnant,” CBS News reports. Even so, according to the laws of her religion, Stein is legally a “agunah, a woman trapped in a Jewish marriage and unable to remarry or cohabit with another man,” according to FailedMessiah.com.

On social media, Stein, 24, asks supporters to help her retrieve a get, Jewish divorce papers that will free her of their marriage. Her husband, Joel Weiss, 31, denies allegations that he abused, raped, or harmed her. He claims Stein wants his money. Stein, on the other hand, believes Weiss is denying her a get for leverage during a difficult child custody battle. The couple have two children.

The document is necessary for a devote Orthodox Jewish woman. Although a local court could technically grant Stein a divorce, she would still be married under Jewish law.

“The first thing to do when caught in an abusive situation is to get to a safe place and then file for an Order of Protection. No kind of divorce, Jewish or otherwise, will do anyone any good if they are dead. So get safe first and then go through the necessary channels to get the proper type of divorce filed.” says Carla Zolman, Attorney at Zolman Law Firm.


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