Anger in small Texas city of Hearne after cop shoots 93-year-old woman to death


Friends and community leaders of Hearne demonstrated sheer protest in the small town of Texas against the murder of Pearlie Golden. They said to a private news channel that “Golden was a nice lady and was greeting everyone in friendly manner”. On the other hand, the Mayor of the city said that “She was a great woman of our town and I will lodge my complain against the officer in our city council”.

Besides, Hearne police have fully supported Stephen- the officer who shot Golden. Police officials said in a press conference that “Golden had brandished gun when Officer Stephen entered onto her property”.

It is said that the city council has already decided to fire the officer from the Police. When the protestors demonstrated before the Police headquarters, the town mayor said to protestors that he would ask the city council to immediately remove Stephen from the police services.

Apart from this, Coty Siegert the District Attorney of Robertson County said that “as per autopsy results, Golden had been shot with 3 fires and it was the second time when Stephen killed a suspect”. In addition, William Foster, retired professor in Hearne said that “there is no justification to kill a 93 years old fragile women, she was threat to none”.

Last but not the least, Hearne police have sent Stephen home on administrative leave while Texas rangers is investigating the case to determine the nature of murder.

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