Engagement Ring Selfies — Because Regular Selfies Are So Last Year


Updated 12/9/20

Are you worried about how to choose the best from a variety of engagement rings? Where do you get beautiful engagement rings for women? Did you know there are alternatives for diamond rings? Yes, there are. Artificial diamond engagement rings are also used as the original diamond rings. Here is what to look for when buying a ring. The classification and description of diamonds are dependant on the color, cut, and carat weight. These are the most critical factors. They determine the worth of the diamond rings.

To get beautiful engagement rings for women, there are various shapes to choose from diamond rings. Consider buying a ring within your budget. Seek affordable lab-created diamond and gemstone engagement rings to mark your engagement celebration today. Everyone desires to put on a nice-looking anniversary ring.

Similarly, one would want to give a beautiful ring to their loved one. Women especially are excited to have a beautiful ring as a sign of a yes to the proposal. By knowing this, you need to consider specific characteristics in the ring you choose for your loved one. Ensure you get a ring with the right carat size mounting on your ring. The anniversary diamond ring settings should ensure the ring is of the right size and appearance.

That’s right — there’s something called an “engagement ring selfie” and it’s taking social media by storm. Certainly you’ve seen plenty of selfies already (it’s nearly impossible to avoid them these days) and you’ve probably even seen quite a few pictures on Facebook and Twitter wherein women show off their new engagement bling. Maybe it makes sense that a woman would want to get a manicure done before posting her engagement ring selfie, but here’s the interesting part: some women have taken their basic manicure to the next level and opted for a whole “hand lift.”

This “hand lift” is probably exactly what you are expecting it to be (and maybe also desperately hoping it isn’t); New York dermatologist Dr. Bruce Katz states that he offers a quick procedure involving injections and non-invasive laser treatments to smooth out wrinkles and plump up skin. His explanation for the treatment is that the skin on our hands often gets ignored over the years even though it is still subjected to environmental stresses, such as sun damage. Additionally, the skin on our hands tends to lose fat as we age which causes hands and fingers to appear extra-bony. The procedure reportedly takes about 20 minutes and the results are present immediately.

The “hand lift” is certain to acquire critics as the practice becomes more popular — cosmetic surgeries are still highly debated despite increasing popularity — but it’s interesting to note that the procedure seems to be a direct result of increased social media access and changing beauty ideals. This procedure seems to indicate that a beautiful engagement ring isn’t sufficient for those engagement selfies anymore.

Perhaps the “hand lift” trend is only to be expected; the paparazzi loves when celebrities flash their expensive rings, be it Kim Kardashian’s superfluous style or Kate Middleton’s refined elegance. It remains to be seen whether this trend catches on with more middle-class women, however, since their hands are not likely to be plastered all over daily gossip columns for months. Is photo sharing on social media enough of a reason to get a “hand lift”? We’ll leave that up to you to decide.

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