Why Font Choice Still Matters in Digital Media and Design


fontsAs technology becomes ever-prevalent in the digital media industry, it can be hard to see what principles and practices of digital media design will stand the test of time as technology continues to evolve.

One digital media design principle that has remained as important today as it was 20 years ago is the necessity of good font choice, according to a July 15 Digiday article.

An example: in 2010, Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert was lambasted across the country for publishing an open letter to departing player LeBron James written in the notorious Comic Sans font.

Essentially, good font choice means the reader or viewer won’t notice it, but it nonetheless leaves an impression about the brand being advertised or marketed in their mind.

“Publishers have only a few minutes to make an impression — and, hopefully, get people to come back,” the Digiday article states. “From a branding perspective, the font an article is in might well be as important as the article itself.”

“Fonts can make or break a design piece,” says Mark Sparacio, Professor at Digital Marketing Arts College. “Just like how landscaping affects curb appeal, the chosen font in a piece is the first thing a viewers eyes are drawn to. It is important to choose a font that helps create the desired impression.”

According to the Digiday article, graphic designers should strive to use uniform fonts for all of a brand’s advertising and marketing materials to convey a strong sense of the brand’s values. And while a font choice should set a brand apart from its competition, the font shouldn’t be so out-there that it alienates the viewer, either.

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