Hot, Wet, and Humid Summer Predicted by Old Farmer’s Almanac


faThis winter was brutal, with temperatures hitting record lows in spring months, sending many people to their knees, praying for a sliver of warm sunshine. It looks like their prayers are going to be answered in the coming summer months, and the weather Gods may be showering a massive heat wave that could send people back inside, hoping for a cool breeze.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac, a national weather source since the 1800’s, predicts that the harsh, elongated winter weather will soon be replaced by sizzling hot temperatures throughout the nation. According to the 2014 edition of the Almanac, the weather will begin to turn increasingly warmer beginning in mid-June, and also bring a copious amount of rain for states like New York and New Jersey. The result could be severely muggy and humid conditions, and other states, such as Oklahoma and Texas will likely face scorching temperatures by July.

While excessive temperatures cause concern for medical illnesses, such as heat stroke, heat edema, and heat cramps, this summer could also bring a number of other heat-related issues. The Old Farmer’s Almanac reports that cooling bills will soar this summer as air conditioning units will have to work overtime to help maintain optimal temperatures in homes and commercial buildings. The high bills could mirror the heating costs that many of the country’s Northeastern residents faced this winter.

In addition, the Almanac predicted a possible continued drought in parts of the West, Midwest, and South, as well as rising fruit and vegetable prices on a national scale, and an increased threat of wildfires in areas that are prone to these disasters.

The more alarming prediction comes from a potential hurricane that could slam into the East Coast by mid-September, and travel along the same route as Hurricane Sandy. The storm will likely affect parts of New York and New Jersey, though the Almanac’s managing editor, Sandi Duncan, says the publication is unsure of how severe the storm’s impact will be.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac has a history of accurately predicting weather several months out, and even forecasted this winter’s ruthlessness prior to the first snow fall. If the publication’s current prognosis is accurate, Americans are in for an uncomfortable, sticky summer.

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