Medical Packaging Supplier Creates New Pizza Delivery Bag


pizzabagVersapak, a tamper-proof packaging supplier, recently utilized their insulation technologies used in medical bags to help Telepizza, one of the largest pizza chains in Spain, improve the quality of their deliveries.

While analyzing the technology that Versapak used in their blood bags, the company realized that it could use the same insulating materials to also keep food at peak condition and optimally regulated temperature, since the material can retain heat, and protect its contents. What’s more, they also realized that material could be fashioned in a way that also makes things easier to deliver.

Versapak then contacted several major, food delivery services about collaborating together. Telepizza was one of the first respondents, and sent a team of their own to discuss the possibilities with Versapak. After some planning and deliberation, Telepizza created specifications for an insulated pizza delivery bag that Versapak could create.

The finished product is suited to hold several different sizes of pizza, contains a foam inner to help insulate their pizza, and is branded in line with Telepizza’s own professional appearance.

While the vast majority of the 70,000 pizza places in the U.S. already use an insulated bag for deliveries, there’s surely room for improvement, especially when you consider the fact that 83% of all pizzas ordered in the United States are delivered.

However, the majority of people are more likely to care that their pizza gets to them safely, warmly, and intact, rather than how. That being said, 93% of Americans will eat pizza once a month, which ultimately means that any news about improvements to the pizza delivery game will met with gratitude.


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