Obama skewers Republicans, Democrats, media at 100th White House correspondents’ dinner


During the celebration of 100th anniversary of White House Correspondents’ Association, the President of United States seemed to be in funny mood. While talking with the journalists, Obama joked that “now a days, Republicans are giving tough time to Speaker John Boehner which means that the orange has turned out to be black now”.

He said to Fox TV that when I am gone, you will surely miss me.  He further said that it will be really difficult for me to convince the people of United States that “Hillary was born in Kenya”. He opined that sometimes the American media reporters disrespect me and said that Jake Tapper “don’t you ever talk about me like that; I am the best president in the game”.

Furthermore, the President laughingly screwed the CNN Malaysian jet coverage and said that “I think the reporters of CNN are searching their table”. He continued to laugh and said “MSNBC is here, they must be shocked because they have never seen such a big crowd in their life”.

Moreover, Obama said that “In 2008 my slogan was yes we can but in 2013 my slogan was Control- Alt- Delete”.  It goes without saying it was the funniest 20 minutes talk of the president. He was seemed to be relaxed and soothing. He was literally enjoying the punching lines he used for the reporters.

obama-health-careLast but the least, when the technical bug occurred, Kathleen Sebelius – who had been relinquished from Health and Human Services Secretary Post – joined the president on stage and said that “I got this, I see it all the times”.

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