Avery Dennison Recognizes Designers Who Make Innovative Use of Vinyl Wraps


averydennisonMost people view vinyl graphic wraps as an advertising tool, a means to an end, but the people at Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions are more interested in how they can be used as an art form.

“Vinyl wrap installers and sign shops are taking the art of wrapping to a new level of customization for consumers, that includes shoes, microwaves, prosthetics and to very small items like car key fobs,” director of graphics sales at Avery Dennison Bill Podojil told MyPrintResource.com.

Avery Dennison scoured the vinyl wrap industry for 10 innovative and artistic projects and recognized the creators as pioneers. The projects ranged from traditional car wraps to tiny precision jobs to, surprisingly, women’s fashion.

Vinyl wraps are so versatile because they can be applied to any firm surface,” says  Brandan Krieger, Owner of Alphagraffix & Signs. “We have placed wraps on helicopters to boats, coffins to tool chest and walls to floors. It’s a great graphic way to express your feelings.”

Las Vegas-based GeckoWraps used over 1,000 square feet of vinyl to decorate massive Kobelco excavators, which were displayed at CON EXPO 2014. The vinyl was used to lay the image of waving flags on the massive yellow construction vehicles.

Unlimited Wraps used Avery Dennison wrapping to make key fobs match the vehicle wraps on their corresponding cars. Several other winners wrapped cars, like master installer Justin Pate and artist Ryan McGinness, who collaborated to create visually striking car wraps for an exhibit in the Netherlands. MetroWraps combined that technique with Sharpie drawing to create a one-of-a-kind SUV.

Instead of wrapping their cars, a Ducati dealership used vinyl to create a vivid and colorful backdrop in one of their showrooms. The design was created and printed by Enigma Graphics and Signs owner Ed Barajas.

The Ducati dealership wasn’t the only interior that received a vinyl makeover. Netherlands-based Léon Sign Buro renovated a kitchen by wrapping the cabinets in bright red vinyl.

On the fashion end of the list is Brittany Blais of K6 Media, who used black and aluminum brushed metallic wrapping film to create incredible and visually striking women’s heels. JM Custom Creations embarked on a similar project, wrapping a leg prosthetic in chrome gold and black carbon.

Each designer was recognized for their creative use of Avery Dennison products.

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