Rick Springfield Wins Court Case Against Fan Who Claims She was Injured by his Butt


rickspringfieldA bizarre personal injury case against rocker Rick Springfield’s butt finally came to an end last month after almost a decade.

Former fan Vicky Calcagno filed a case against Springfield in 2007, claiming that she suffered “serious, disabling, and permanent injuries” at the musician’s New York State Fair concert in 2004.

The alleged cause? Springfield’s buttocks hitting her in the head.

According to Calcagno, Springfield fell into her during the concert, causing lasting injuries.

“This woman claimed that I hit her with my a** and knocked her to the ground during a show,” Springfield told Yahoo! Music. “She was claiming all these damages. I mean, I work out, but my a** isn’t that hard! So I figured that it was kind of bogus.”

Springfield told Yahoo! Music that he was advised to settle the case, but he said it would have set a bad precedent for musicians. “The Sex Pistols used to spit on people, and they didn’t sue ‘em!” he pointed out in the interview.

The “Jessie’s Girl” singer added that settling would have been bad for him spiritually, and that many people involved in the court case praised him for refusing to settle. After a mistrial in 2013, the case was finally decided with only an hour of jury debate in 2015. The lack of witnesses, photo and video to support Calcagno’s claim proved to be her downfall.

“An injured person in a lawsuit must prove all elements of their case to a jury, including that a party was negligent and that the negligence caused damages,” said Mark Cantor, partner and attorney at Cantor andamp; Burger, LLC. “In the case this article references, it seems that there may have been a problem with liability or proving the negligence. It is always easier to lose a case than to win, so without witnesses or video evidence, cases can be easily lost when a credible defendant denies the case.”

Springfield seemed no worse for the wear after the nearly decades-long legal struggle. He was in good humor in his Yahoo! Music interview, cracking jokes about what he calls “A**gate” and reflecting on what he’s really gained from the whole thing.

“We’ve got jokes for the next couple years onstage,” he said. One of those jokes is referring to his rear end as a “weapon of mass destruction.”

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