White House Considers Moat and Steel Spikes as Ways to Improve Security


spikesonwhitehousefencePrivacy fences are a popular way to make a property more secure, and — naturally — make things a bit more private. According to U.S. zoning committee experts, between 80% and 90% of all fence applications are typically for privacy fences.

But what do you do when the privacy fence isn’t enough?

That’s the question the White House faces right now. After a series of trespassers have attempted to hop the fence around the President’s home, federal agencies are trying to figure out a way to make the White House’s surrounding fortifications more secure.

Last November, Rep. Steve Cohen suggested securing the grounds with a barricade of water. The moat, however, was ultimately decided against.

Now, the National Park Service and Secret Service plan to install half-inch steel spikes along the White House fence temporarily. Documents from the National Park Service describe these spikes as “pencil points,” which will be attached to the pre-existing fence to act as a “removable anti-climb” mechanism.

The proposal, however, still needs the endorsement of the National Capital Planning Commission, which will meet in the beginning of May. If approved, construction on the fence will begin thereafter.

“We are working with our partners to develop, as quickly as possible, both interim and long-term solutions that meet today’s security needs while respecting the historic setting and significance of the White House,” an unnamed National Park Service official told CBS News. “We have developed an effective interim solution for the White House fence consisting of a removable anti-climb feature that attaches to the existing fence. The interim solution enhances security without affecting the visitors’ experience.”

Federal agencies are also looking for more permanent solutions, and have already scratched a few ideas off of the list. So far, they’ve already decided against a chain link fence, a solid wall and even an electrified fence. The moat was axed off because of “maintenance concerns” and the logistical challenges of retrieving “an intruder from a moat.”

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